Success Stories


These testimonials are from actual clients who have completed the ASCEND Method® class. We have used only their initials to protect their confidentiality.

“Absolutely life changing. This program helped me get my life back.”
–J.V., Denver


“I’ve taken several anger management classes before and honestly I never learned a thing from them. This was different. It actually made a difference.”

–M.B., Aurora


“I have tools now. My whole life I didn’t know what to do with anger. But now I have tools.”

–K.G., Littleton


“Using the ASCEND method really changed my life. My wife can see it, my friends can see it, my kids can see it. I am a changed man.”

–D.C., Denver

“If you do the work you will get better. Doesn’t matter who you are. No question in my mind.” –T.M., Boulder


“Anger isn’t a problem for me anymore.” –J.J., Ft. Collins


“I love my kids but sometimes I lose my temper with them, and I hate that. I want to be a good parent. The ASCEND method showed me what to do.” –J.B., Highlands Ranch


“I am a different man than I was at the start of this class. I wish I had done this class years ago and I would have saved myself a lot of pain. –A.G., Winter Park


“This was tremendous. I won my wife back. I get to see my kids again. I kept my job. This class literally changed my life.” –l.D., Denver


“I can’t thank you enough. My wife moved back in and I get to see my kids again.” –J.E., Vail


“What I learned in this class helped me with my marriage even more than going to our marriage counselor.” –M.L., Littleton


“I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own for years, but never could. Now I actually know what to do.” –J.M., Denver


“Helped me understand the roots of my anger and my triggers.” –S.B., Westminster


“This class changed the way my husband and I relate to each other. It has helped our marriage in so many ways.” –L.A, Denver


“I think everyone should have to go through this material, if they think they have an anger problem or not.” –M.M., Lakewood


“Why didn’t I learn this earlier? I wish we taught our kids this stuff in school. My life would be so different if I had learned the ASCEND method years ago.” –T.O., Highlands Ranch


“I still get angry. But now I know what to do.” –J.G., Denver


“I’ve been struggling with anger my whole life. To be honest, I thought I always would. But that’s changed now. I’m not perfect, but my anger doesn’t control me like it used to.” –W.N., Evergreen


“I honestly think everyone should have to take this class. Most people are never taught how to deal with their anger in the right way. Now I know.” –K.M., Denver


“The class gave me practical changes that I can immediately implement.” –T.M., Littleton


“The class was tremendous. It helped me in so many ways.” –F.L., Arvada


“I have a lot more solutions now.” –B.B., Denver


“This class opened my eyes as to why I was pushing people away with my anger.” –V.E., Littleton


“I learned great options to use to control my anger.” –E.P., Denver


“The class gave me good tools and discussion on how to handle my anger differently.” –M.G., Denver


“I loved the class. It gave me lots of great information and a ton to think about.” –J.M., Denver


“I would have lost my job without this class. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” –S.C., Boulder


“I thought I knew all this stuff before we started. Boy was I wrong. I learned so much.” –T.B., Highlands Ranch


“I very much enjoyed this approach to learning. I learned a ton.” –M.F., Littleton


“Money is tight for me, but it was worth every penny.” –J.P., Aurora