Anger Assessment

Do you have an anger problem?

Find out now by taking this simple online self-assessment.



1. Those close to me tell me I have an anger problem.
2. I am angry most of the time.
3. I am more hostile than I used to be.
4. People annoy me a lot.
5. I get angry that others have messed up my life.
6. Sometimes my feelings of anger prevent me from thinking in a clear-headed way.
7. When I am angry I say things that I later regret.
8. I hurt those I love with my anger.
9. I think my anger is negatively impacting my health.
10. I have a hard time forgiving people who wrong me.
11. My anger interferes with my work.
12. I shout at people more than I used to.
13. My anger sometimes makes me feel like a bad person.
14. People sometimes dislike being around me since I become angry.
15. My anger has cost me a great deal.
16. I feel irritated most of the time.
17. My anger pushes people away.
18. Sometimes I don’t sleep very well because I’m feeling angry.
19. I get angry with myself for mistakes I have made.
20. My anger scares people.
21. My anger is keeping me from being the person I want to be.
22. I can feel my anger simmering under the surface.
23. Anger is negatively impacting my intimate relationships.
24. My anger has gotten me into some legal troubles.
25. If I don’t get my anger under control, the costs for me could be big.