A Letter from the Director

Dear friend,

I have a passion for helping people who struggle with anger. That’s because I’ve seen what anger can do, and seen the pain that anger can cause. Anger is a poison that can ruin a perfectly good relationship, push people away, and cost you everything.

I see it every day when clients visit me. Their anger is costing them what they care about the most—their family. Clients come in the door frustrated that anger is ruining their marriages, hurting their children, and costing them their peace and happiness.

And I’ve seen it in my own life. As a kid I was afraid of my dad and his explosive temper. I hid from him when he yelled and threw objects around the room. And when he left I became an angry teenager, as I was furious that I was growing up without a dad.

Over ten years ago I started working with clients who were struggling with anger and something clicked. Their anger made sense to me and I felt like I could understand where they were coming from. Other people saw my clients as “crazy, scary monsters,” but to me their anger made perfect sense, because I knew what they were going through.

I’ve worked with convicted felons and stay-at-home moms, senior citizens, and preschoolers. I’ve had clients who were bank executives and clients who were homeless. But the emotion of anger is the same for all of them. And through this work over the last ten years, I’ve built a step-by-step system that can help. I’ve tested and retested this system, tweaked and refined it to where it is now. And let me tell you, it works.

I don’t know exactly what you’re going through right now, but I do know you can get through it. I’ve seen hundreds of clients who have learned to gain control of their anger, and you can too.

My staff and I are here to help you. The consultation is only $60, and if you call and I’m in session, I promise to get back to you within 24 hours. My number is 720-295-8010.




Michael Ballard, Ph.D., N.C.C., L.P.C.
Director and Clinical Supervisor, Colorado Anger Solutions, LLC


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