Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

In addition to group classes, we also offer individual counseling for both anger and other issues such as anxiety and depression.

Benefits of individual counseling:
  • Flexibility of schedule. You can set up appointments at different times and dates that are more convenient for you, instead of being locked into a group schedule. This is a big advantage if you travel frequently or have a changing schedule.
  • Individualized attention: you can discuss your specific problems in greater detail and ask more questions than you would be able to in a group setting
  • More Comfortable. Some people are not as comfortable in group settings and prefer to talk one on one. Individual sessions allow you this opportunity.

Individual counseling sessions are 50 minutes in length and cost $110 each. Many people schedule one session per week for 12 weeks, but you could schedule them at a different frequency that works for you.

To find out more about individual counseling, or to get started, please click here to set up an initial consultation.

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