Why CAS?

Why Colorado Anger Solutions?

Put simply: You get results fast.

At Colorado Anger Solutions we understand how anger works. We created a program based on science that is effective in helping people learn to control their anger. We have tested, retested, and revised this method. Our step-by-step ASCEND Method® is simple, logical, and easy to understand. We have helped hundreds of clients and our success rate is remarkable.

We recently did a research study where we measured our clients’ ability to control anger at the beginning of the program and at the end of the program. We had 42 participants. And 100% of our clients saw improvement. That’s right. Every single one.

Most showed significant improvement in just a few weeks.

Our Guarantee


If you show up and do the work, we guarantee that you will improve your ability to control your anger. We know that you will get results as long as you are committed to the program. We are so confident that we are willing to make this guarantee: If you do the work and don’t see results in 60 days we will refund your money. All of it. That’s right, a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. I dare you to find another counseling program on the planet that offers that kind of guarantee.

We have helped hundreds of others learn to control their anger. We can help you too.

The consultation is only $60, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Give us a call today.

Control you anger. Get your life back.

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