About Us

Colorado Anger Solutions is an outpatient clinic in Denver that specializes in helping individuals and couples with anger problems.

We help our clients develop the skills and tools they need to control their anger. Our team of licensed and registered professional counselors is dedicated to teaching clients how to better cope with anger by providing them with proven techniques for long-term management.

We specialize in working with men and women who are struggling with controlling their anger. This may be explosive anger like physical or domestic violence, or other forms of anger such as fighting, yelling, or arguing. Some clients hold their anger in and struggle with bitterness and resentment. Many couples that argue and fight benefit from our program and learn how to communicate without anger.

We also work with teenagers who struggle with controlling their anger, impulsivity, and oppositional defiant behavior, and work with the parents of these teens to give them guidance on how to work with these teens.

So if you want to roll up your sleeves, get down to work, focus on your anger and fix it in a short amount of time—then you have found the right place. That is exactly what we do.

Control your anger. Get your life back.